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Today, we are in The Season Of The Last Generation. The Birth Pains that Christ Jesus spoke about are currently under way, including natural and unnatural disasters. They will be ever increasing. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. Social, economic and political turmoil will be ever increasing, causing people's hearts to be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life. An apostasy within the Church of God is currently under way. This will all reach a climax with Satan revealing his Antichrist and requiring that everyone worship him; That every one receive his "mark" in order to buy or sell; The new currency of the New World Order, the New Tower of Babel.

Today, it is critical that those who have a heart for God are aware of what God is doing and speaking today. God is opening up His Word like never before in preparation for The Time Of The END. I exhort you to open up your heart and your eyes to see what He is doing and your ears to hear what God is speaking at this time. My prayer is that we will be able to stand before the Son of Man at His appearing, without fault and with great joy. I encourage you to read David Wilkerson's book, America's Last Call at davidwilkersontoday.blogspot.com. Also, Google, Tommy Hicks Prophecy, 1961 for a view of the End Times.

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To receive Christ Jesus as a child by faith is the highest human achievement.

Today, the Bride Of Christ is rising up in every nation in the world! Giving Glory to Her Savior and King, Christ Jesus!
Today, the world is Raging against God, Rushing toward Oblivion! Save yourself from this Corrupt Generation!
Today, America is being ground to powder because of it's SIN against God!

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Thursday, June 22, 2017




Ann Coulter: 'Unlike liberals, conservatives aren't easily incited to violence by words'

After a Bernie Sanders supporter tried to commit mass murder last week – the second homicidal Bernie supporter so far this year – the media blamed President Trump for lowering the bar on heated political rhetoric by calling his campaign opponents cruel names like “Crooked Hillary” and “Lyin’ Ted.”
As soon as any conservative responds to Trump’s belittling names for his rivals by erupting in a murderous rage, that will be a fantastically good point. But until then, it’s idiotic. Unlike liberals, conservatives aren’t easily incited to violence by words.
What we’re seeing is the following: Prominent liberals repeatedly tell us, with deadly seriousness, that Trump and his supporters are: “Hitler,” “fascists,” “bigots,” “haters,” “racists,” “terrorists,” “criminals” and “white supremacists,” which is then followed by liberals physically attacking conservatives.
To talk about “both sides” being guilty of provocative rhetoric is like talking about “both genders” being guilty of rape.
Nearly every op-ed writer at the New York Times has compared Trump to Hitler. (The conservative on the op-ed page merely called him a “proto-fascist.”) If Trump is Hitler and his supporters Nazis, then the rational course of action for any civilized person is to kill them.
That’s not just a theory, it’s the result.
A few months ago, 38-year-old Justin Barkley shot and killed a UPS driver in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Ithaca, New York, then ran over his body, because he thought he was killing Donald Trump. During his arraignment, Barkley told the judge: “I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally and very proudly.”
In the past year, there have been at least a hundred physical attacks on Trump supporters or presumed Trump supporters. The mainstream media have ignored them all. (You can click the Anti-Trump Hate Map to see some of them.)
Schoolchildren across the country are being hospitalized from beatings for the crime of liking Trump. In Pasco, Washington, a 29-year-old Trump supporter was stabbed in the throat by a Hispanic man, Alvaro Campos-Hernandez, after a political argument.
Last month, the anti-jihad scholar Robert Spencer was poisoned in Iceland by a Social Justice Warrior pretending to be a fan, sending Spencer to the hospital.
It’s become so normal for leftist thugs to assault anyone who likes Trump that, in Meriden, Connecticut, Wilson Echevarria and Anthony Hobdy leaped out of their car and started punching and hitting a man holding a Trump sign, rolling him into traffic right in front of a policeman.
If any one of these bloody attacks had been committed by a Trump supporter against a Muslim, a gay, a Mexican, a woman or a Democrat, the media would have had to drop its Russia conspiracy theory to give us 24/7 coverage of the epidemic of right-wing violence.
The liberal response to this ceaseless mayhem toward conservatives is to produce a single nut, who fired a gun in the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington, D.C., last December (hurting no one) to “rescue children,” after reading on obscure right-wing blogs that the restaurant hid a Democratic pedophilia ring. (They’ve also hyped a long list of “hate crimes” that were utter hoaxes.)
Congratulations, liberals! You got one. And some tiny number of girls raped men last year. QED: Both sexes have a rape problem.
Liberal aggression has ratcheted up dramatically since the dawn of Trump, as has the dehumanizing rhetoric, but epic violence from the left is nothing new.
We don’t have to go back more than a century to note that every presidential assassin and attempted presidential assassin who had a political motive was a leftist, a socialist, a communist or a member of a hippie commune. (Charles J. Guiteau, Leon Czolgosz, Giuseppe Zangara, Lee Harvey Oswald, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and Sara Jane Moore.)
Instead, we’ll start in the 1990s. Al Sharpton’s speeches inspired people to murder two people in Crown Heights in 1991 and seven people at Freddie’s Fashion Mart in 1995. As scary as David Duke and Richard Spencer are, I’ve never heard of anyone committing murder after listening to one of their speeches.
During the 2008 presidential campaign, among other acts of violence, Obama supporters Maced elderly volunteers in a McCain campaign office in Galax, Virginia. They threw Molotov cocktails at, stomped and shredded McCain signs on a half-dozen families’ front yards around Portland. Another Obama supporter broke the McCain sign of a small middle-aged woman in midtown Manhattan, then hit her in the face with the stick.
(All this for John McCain!)
At the Republicans’ convention that year, hundreds of liberals were arrested for smashing police cars, slashing tires and breaking store windows. Police seized Molotov cocktails, napalm bombs and assorted firearms from the protesters. Elderly convention-goers were Maced and sent to the hospital after protesters threw bricks through the windows of convention buses. On the first day alone, the cops made 284 arrests, 130 for felonies.
That same year, California voters approved Proposition 8, banning gay marriage. In response, left-wing opponents of the measure ferociously attacked Mormon and Catholic churches, smashing glass doors, spray-painting the churches and burning holy books on their front steps. The mayor of Fresno and his pastor received death threats serious enough to require around-the-clock police protection.
(Although the measure would not have passed without the support of black voters, liberals held black people blameless for their opposition to gay marriage. Mormons and Catholics were a much funner target.)
In 2009, one conservative had his finger bitten off at a tea-party rally in Thousand Oaks, California, by a man at a MoveOn.org counter-protest. At a St. Louis tea-party rally, an African-American selling anti-Obama bumper stickers was beaten up by two Service Employees International Union thugs, resulting in charges.
For the past few years, the media have enthusiastically promoted Black Lives Matter, hoping to galvanize the black vote. The mother of Michael Brown was even invited to appear on stage at the Democrats’ convention. But, as the British discovered with their Indian auxiliaries during the Revolutionary War, having ginned them up, they couldn’t calm them down.
As a result of the media’s tall tales about homicidal, racist cops, Black Lives Matter enthusiasts staged sneak attacks, executing two policemen in Brooklyn, five in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge.
Liberals know damn well that their audience includes a not-insignificant portion of foaming-at-the-mouth lunatics, prepared, at the slightest provocation, to smash windows, burn down neighborhoods, physically attack and even murder conservatives. But instead of toning down the rhetoric, the respectable left keeps throwing matches on the bone-dry tinder, and then indignantly asks, 
“Are you saying conservatives don’t do it, too?”

No, actually. We don’t.




Exclusive: Joseph Farah on continual excuse-making for Islam: 'I'm just sick of it'

Have you noticed there are still many people in denial that Islam has a problem?
Let’s name names:
  • The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Hamas-affiliated media darlings who claim to be a “Muslim civil rights group” but assert anyone condemning Islamic terrorism to be an “Islamophobe.”
  • The vast wasteland we euphemistically refer to as “the mainstream media.”
  • Most of Europe’s leadership.
  • Much of America’s leadership, save President Donald Trump and a few other courageous officials who recognize that when you are under attack you need to recognize who it is that is attacking you.
  • All those who assert, with no evidence to support such a claim, that Islam is a “religion of peace” – and nothing more.
  • Every single prominent Democrat politician in America.
  • More than 99 percent of prominent Muslims clerics and other Muslim leaders, with notable exception, the extremely courageous Egyptian President Abd El-Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil El-Sisi.
  • The pope.
  • Most other liberals.
I’m sure I could extend that list with some more thought, but it’s not necessary to make my point.
Not to recognize that by now would be as absurd and preposterous as to suggest that any group that includes tens of thousands, perhaps even millions, of serial killers and would-be serial killers among its most fervent adherents, who conduct, or would conduct, murder in the name of their god, does NOT have a problem.
Have you ever noticed that Jews don’t kill in the name of their God? I can’t think of a single example of a Jew killing someone in His name. Can you?
Have you ever noticed that Christians don’t kill in the name of Jesus or their Father God or their Holy Spirit? Not once have I seen this happen since I have been alive. That’s not to say that “fake” Christians once did this 500 years ago or 1,000 years ago. It has happened in history. 
But I can’t think of even one recent example of a Christian shouting “Jesus in great” in committing an act of murderous terrorism. Can you?
Yet, in the case of Islam, we see Muslims doing this, on a daily basis, around the world.
Wouldn’t any honest, courageous observer, by definition, have to admit this is a real problem for Islam – not to mention the rest of us and especially the victims of such horrors?
I’m stating the undeniable here, the obvious, something that is as apparent as the sky being blue or the grass being green.
Yet, all of those listed above, and many unlisted, continue to live in the realm of make-believe, denial, non-acceptance of reality and the dismissal of plain truth to the excuse and, indeed, the very shocking encouragement a rising death toll.
I’m just sick of it.
I’ve made the point before, but it’s worth making again: The people who do this – excuse, rationalize, don’t notice Islam’s unique ownership of terrorism on a mass scale – are what I call “the real Islamophobes,” mostly people who do so hoping they don’t similarly become victims of this growing epidemic of irrational, maniacal, Satanic, murderous behavior.
If even a handful of Christians or Jews were going around praising God as they beheaded, tortured, mutilated and persecuted “infidels,” I know those identified above would be only too thrilled to call attention to such acts. They would have no reluctance to do so. It would not even take courage, because Christians and Jews collectively around the world would beat them to the punch!
Am I right?
Again, this illustrates the absurdity of the situation – both what is happening inside Islam and the massive denial outside Islam.
Whether or not this wholesale, worldwide violence is characteristic of “true Islam” is really beside the point. Isn’t it? At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that a significantly sized strain of Islam is perpetrating monstrous lethality on non-Muslims and, too often, even on Muslims of a different sect.
My point? Islam has a problem – and it’s not going away by soft-pedaling or ignoring reality.
In fact, I believe this Islam problem is grossly exacerbated – and, as I said earlier, encouraged – by this shroud of denial.
Please tell me how I am wrong. I really want to understand.
My comments: Islam is a False Religion based on the Koran. Every false Religion is the Invention of Satan, to take people away from the True and Living God, the God of the Bible, and the Salvation He offers to everyone. Those who refuse to recognize the Inherent Violence Demanded by the Koran, are as Deluded as the Perpetrators of that Violence. The entire West, including America, is caught up in this Delusion, and it will ultimately be their Downfall.


Democrats are using the Resistance Summer theme



'An attempt to overturn November's election and forcibly remove a duly elected president'

Bopb Unruh
It’s common knowledge that large numbers of Democrats simply have been unable to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election: a Donald Trump presidency and a departure from socialism of Barack Obama.
Democratic leaders apparently believed Hillary Clinton was entitled to the election, having manipulated their primary system to ensure Sen. Bernie Sanders would not get the nomination, according to hacked emails.
And it’s no surprise that those who still are in a state of glassy-eyed disbelief are setting up a “resistance,” an ongoing opposition to Trump and his agenda. Democrats promised such organized “resistance” even while the last votes were being counted and have followed through with a steadfast refusal to allow even bipartisan plans to move forward. In some cases, the “resistance” has turned violent.
But now it’s gone even further, according to several leading conservative commentators who are warning the nation of a “coup” developing against Trump – an effort, essentially, to overturn the 2016 election.
Even the left sees it, although few admit it.
“A soft coup is underway right here in the United States of America in an attempt to overturn November’s election result, and forcibly remove a duly elected president,” warned Sean Hannity on his Fox News program.
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity
He said there are several components, the first of which is a “destroy-Trump media” that has been lying to the American public.
Another component of the coup, he said, is the so-called “Russian collusion” claim that insiders in the Trump campaign worked with Russia to interfere in the election.
Then there are the “deep state” lawbreakers, he said, the Obama-era leftovers in the federal bureaucracy who are selectively leaking government information to damage the president.
And there’s a DOJ investigation into the alleged “Russian collusion,” with special counsel Robert Mueller stacking his team with Clinton backers who actively opposed Trump.
Hannity said the left is trying to “manufacture” turmoil in Washington.
“The media has one clear shared goal in mind: damage, top Trump’s presidency, by any means necessary,” he said.
Some have gone so far in their claims, he said, they are “unhinged.”
Even Democratic leaders has admitted there’s no evidence of collusion, Hannity has pointed out.
The “deep state” activists, he warned, are “willing to break the law, leaking classified information” in their hatred for Trump.
Fired FBI Director James Comey admitted under oath, for example, to taking government records and leaking them to the media to try to bring about an investigation of Trump, he said.
See his comments:
Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly – who was forced from the network after allegations of sexual harassment, which he denies, emerged – is on a tour to rebuild his brand name.
He said recently the “same people who came at me are behind what’s happening to [Trump].”
“I know that this is a fraud being perpetrated on you, the American voters.”
O’Reilly said it’s because “the progressives … didn’t or won’t accept the election.”
See his comments.
The far-left Right Wing Watch blog, an operation of the People for the American Way campaign, quoted pastor E.W. Jackson asserting on his radio program a “coup d’etat” is underway.
“Folks, hold on to your seats, because I really believe that we are witnessing an attempted coup d’état in America. I’m serious about that. I believe that we are witnessing an attempted coup d’état in America,” Jackson said.
There are people who are unhappy with Trump’s election who “are dedicated to overthrowing his presidency, dedicated to doing it; if they can’t find something, they’ll make something up.”
But Daily Kos blogger Chris Gray contends it’s Trump who is trying to stage a “slow” coup “to free himself of the constitutional limits on residential power and those oh-so-annoying checks and balances it mandates.”
He argues that Trump can be removed through “the very fuzzy 25th Amendment [that] allows for the replacement of a nonfunctional president on the say so of the vice president and a majority vote of the leaders of the House and Senate and the top 15 cabinet officers.”
“This way of ending Trump’s presidency would not be a coup d’état. For one thing, many of us already believe that Trump is mentally incompetent to be president. This is actually a good time to use the 25th Amendment.”
But Gray adds: “Now, if a small group of players decides that this is all too much trouble and kills or injures Trump as a way of ending his presidency, that would a coup. Heads of state are killed with some regularity, even in the United States. Such a coup need not represent a consensus of elites.”
Gray spent more time warning about the signs of a coup being carried out by Trump, not against him.
“What are the other warnings signs of a Trump coup d’etat?” the column continued. “In general, overreach. A security and military response that doesn’t match the real threat. This could include: all commercial air grounded … increased use and powers to Homeland Security centers … mass arrests … censoring the press.
“Really bad signs: Martial law … banning all public assemblies, suspension of habeas corpus … internment camps … nationalization of state national guards.”
U.S. News & World Report took up the argument that impeachment is not considered a coup.
It quoted Dinesh D’Souza commenting, “I fear we’re witnessing nothing less than a coup attempt against a lawfully elected government.” It also noted Gary Bauer, Tom Tancredo, Ben Stein, Lou Dobbs and others have made similar comments.
“Impeachment isn’t a ‘coup,’ and it doesn’t ‘reverse an election.’ It’s a lawful constitutional procedure that James Madison considered ‘indispensable’ for ‘defending the community against the incapacity, negligence or perfidy of the chief magistrate,'” the publication said.
“Impeachment is the process through which the people’s elected representatives can remove a federal officer they’ve determined is unfit for continued service. Its purpose, constitutional scholar Greg Weiner explains, is ‘prophylactic,’ not punitive: ‘to protect the public against his negligence or abuse.'”
As for the claims of “collusion,” WND Vice President David Kupelian has noted the historical documents that do reveal collusion between U.S. officials and Russia.
He points to collusion between the Russians and the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.
“As I documented last year, today’s Democratic Party, pushed radically leftward by President Barack Obama (whom both former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy and ex-New Left leader David Horowitz accurately call a ‘neocommunist’), has become almost indistinguishable from the Communist Party USA. In case you didn’t know, the CPUSA came into existence as a U.S.-based, Moscow-controlled-and-funded communist party, but has lost most of its influence and support since the Soviet Union collapsed, thanks to President Ronald Reagan. Today, the CPUSA no longer fields its own presidential candidates, but rather, urges voters to support Democrats, having enthusiastically endorsed John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,” he wrote.
The collusion, he said, happened when, “during Reagan’s first term as president, liberal Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy made secret overtures to the Soviet Union to thwart Reagan’s re-election! Yes, this actually happened! When I reached out to Reagan biographer and Russia scholar Paul Kengor, he nailed the details – and the media’s stunning hypocrisy.”
“‘Democrats are searching desperately, frantically, hysterically, for any tangible proof that Trump or one of his aides or associates was reaching out to the Russians to influence the 2016 election,’ Kengor, a political science professor at Grove City College, told me. ‘Well, the May 1983 KGB document between Victor Chebrikov (head of the KGB at the time) and Yuri Andropov (head of the USSR at the time) details an offer from Ted Kennedy to help the Russians prior to Ronald Reagan’s 1984 election campaign.’ Kennedy’s purpose: Prevent Reagan’s re-election.”
“‘It’s an actual official Soviet document,’ Kengor told me, ‘one that was housed in the Central Committee archives until it was discovered after the Cold War in 1992. I first published the document in full in my 2006 book on Ronald Reagan, ‘The Crusader.’ (See the original Soviet document memorializing Sen. Edward Kennedy’s collusion with Russia, first in Russian and then translated into English.)


Bishop International Airport Flint Michigan



City's mayor calls attack 'significant security event'

Leo Hohmann
The FBI is investigating a stabbing Wednesday at the Flint, Michigan, airport in which a man slashed the throat of a police officer while yelling, “Allahu akbar!”
The FBI has taken over the investigation but said it is “too early” to tell if the knife attack, which happened at about 9:30 a.m., was an act of terrorism. A male suspect is in custody.
At a press conference later in the afternoon, police identified the suspect as Amor Ftouhi, 49, a Canadian citizen originally from Tunisia. He entered the U.S. on June 16 through New York.
According to prosecutors, Ftouhi walked up to officer Jeff Neville, who was in full uniform, and stabbed him in the neck. He then shouted “Allahu Akbar,” and referenced “killings in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq,” the U.S. Attorney’s office said.
Amor Ftouhi allegedly stabbed a police officer multiple times Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at the Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan
Amor Ftouhi, 49, originally from Tunisia, allegedly stabbed a police officer multiple times Wednesday, June 21, 2017, at the Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan
Neville was seen down on his knees, bleeding profusely from his neck, a large knife lying nearby on the ground.
Ftouhi used a 12-inch knife with an 8-inch serrated blade, police said.
“We are aware of reports that the attacker made statements immediately prior to or while attacking the officer, but it is too early to determine the nature of these alleged statements or whether or not this was an act of terrorism,” the FBI said in a statement.
The statement continued: “Based on the information that we have at this time, we believe this to be an isolated incident. We currently have no specific, credible information that there is a threat to the Flint community.”
But during the press conference held more than six hours after the attack, the FBI admitted it was an act of terrorism.
Neville, according to witnesses, was standing at the top of the escalator when he was attacked from behind by a man yelling the infamous Islamic slogan, which in Arabic means “Allah is the greatest!” He proceeded to try to behead the officer.
On Twitter, Michigan State Police said the officer was in critical condition and the FBI was leading the investigation. But MLive is reporting Neville’s condition has been upgraded to stable.
Officer Neville was stabbed multiple times in the neck.
Officer Neville was stabbed multiple times in the neck.

Bishop International Airport in Flint was immediately evacuated and flights canceled.
According to the airport’s Facebook page: “An airport police officer has been injured. All passengers are safe and are being evacuated at this time.”
Flint Mayor Karen Weaver told the Detroit News that a “significant security event” occurred at the airport Wednesday morning and officials have told her one man is in custody. The News referred to him as “a person of interest.”
Watch local news report on the attack:
MLive is reporting the officer was stabbed in the neck. The news outlet said it spoke with a witness who told them “he saw a man detained near a knife and an officer on his knees and bleeding from the neck.”
According to the airport’s Facebook page: “All passengers are safe and are being evacuated at this time. We will release more information as we have it.”
Neville was retired from the Genessee County Sheriff’s Office.
Cherie Carpenter told Flint TV station WJRT she saw the attacker’s face Wednesday morning at Bishop International Airport. She was awaiting a flight to Texas to see her new grandchild.
Carpenter described the man in custody as appearing “blank, just totally blank.”
As of 4 p.m. Wednesday, the Detroit News, one of two major newspapers serving the city, did not report that the assailant screamed “Allahu akbar!” The Detroit Free Press also omitted the key Arabic phrase overheard at the airport.
My comments: No one in America is Safe any longer. Any Muslim who believes the Koran is a Potential Terrorist. And more Muslims are coming to America all the time. This is INSANE!