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Saturday, August 12, 2017


If protecting my child’s innocence means I’m keeping him in a ‘Christian bubble,’ so be it

If protecting my child’s innocence means I’m keeping him in a ‘Christian bubble,’ so be it

Disney Junior aired an episode of “Doc McStuffins” this past weekend featuring a family with two moms. Of course, the leftist media has hailed the show as “groundbreaking” and “powerful” and “a great message” for our kids. “Love is freaking love,” they poetically exclaimed. GLAAD was predictably ecstatic
What advocacy group wouldn’t be ecstatic to see children indoctrinated into its ranks at such a young age?
My kids don’t watch the Disney Channel, so I was unaware of this momentous event until I received emails from several parents. One mom told me she was forced to explain homosexuality to her 4-year-old after he viewed the episode. Mission accomplished.
This latest bit of homosexual indoctrination comes to us while an animated short about two young boys “falling in love” goes massively viral. 
And all of this only a few weeks after Teen Vogue’s now infamous article teaching kids how to sodomize each other. 
And these are just a few examples of the Left’s unceasing campaign to deconstruct your child and reshape him in their own image. 
They have been extremely effective in this effort. 
The fact that they can get away with doing any of this, facing only a relatively small backlash, and confident that we Christian parents will move past it and continue handing our money to Hollywood, and even to the radical left wing machine known as Disney, only speaks to how successful they have been.
Granted, there are still some parents who are utterly determined to guard their children’s hearts and protect their innocence at all costs. 
But I fear that this is a rather small group, and getting smaller. 
Every day, more and more of us put up the white flag. 
There is no use in fighting it, we say. 
Especially if it means our kids can’t watch much TV (meaning, horrifically, that we have to spend time with them). 
We bow our heads submissively and hand over our children. “Well, I tried,” we say. But we didn’t really try. We didn’t even try turning the TV off.
I hear from these surrendered parents all the time. 
They behave much like the apostate priests in the book “Silence,” trying to convince those who’ve retained their faith and their dignity to stop resisting and join them in their treason. 
These parents, looking at the children whose moral formation they have not concerned themselves with, rationalize their failures by declaring that it would be unrealistic and harmful to even attempt to raise their kids in a way that diverges from the mainstream. 
“You can’t keep your kids in a bubble,” they explain.
Ah, yes, the mythical Bubble. 
I encounter this supposedly pejorative phrase every day. 
Indeed, I’ve been told of the Bubble ever since my kids were born, and all I know about it for sure is that, according to most people, I must not let my children enter it. 
Christian parents are warned constantly that they can’t raise their kids in the Bubble. 
The Bubble is bad. The Bubble is scary. Children of the Bubble are weird and different, and they don’t get invited to sleepover parties.
But what is the Bubble, exactly? Well, based on context clues, I have gathered that your children are imprisoned in the Bubble if they:
-Don’t watch Doc McStuffins or other popular cartoon shows.
-Are prevented from viewing any show or film that directly promotes homosexuality or any other sin.
-Are not allowed to use the internet whenever they want.
-Are impeded from viewing internet pornography.
-Are insulated from magazines that want to teach them how to sodomize their friends.
-Are pulled from a kindergarten sex education class.
-Are home schooled.
-Are private schooled.
-Are public schooled but aren’t allowed to hang out with any friend they want, or go to any party they want, or date whoever they want, or date at all.
-Go to church.
-Learn that some things are morally wrong.
-Are forced by their oppressive parents to live in a way that is to any extent at variance with cultural norms.
Basically if you take any steps at all to prevent your children from becoming exactly like other children, exactly like Hollywood and the media and the culture want them to be, then you have them in a Bubble. 
The latest addition to the Bubble are kids who haven’t been allowed to choose their own gender. 
What constitutes the Bubble expands every day, as the number of families inside it contracts. 
Soon, your child will be “in the Bubble” if he hasn’t slept with a prostitute by 8th grade, and millions of Christian parents, deathly afraid of the Bubble, will dutifully bring their sons to the Bunny Ranch, ensuring that they will be totally up to speed and in keeping with the fashions of the day.
“In the world but not of the world,” they reason. 
But their kids are both in it and of it, and so are they. 
This is inevitable, of course. 
If your kid is thrown into a world of deviancy and moral chaos while he’s still wearing pull ups, he will conform to it. 
In fact, I have never in my life met a child who is totally “in the world” — that is, completely submerged in modern culture without any parental controls or barriers in the way — and yet not of it. 
I don’t think such a child exists, has ever existed, or can ever exist. 
They are either in and of “the Bubble,” or in and of the World.
Here is another way of putting it: 
if you are doing anything that resembles actually parenting your child, they are in a Bubble. 
There may have been a time when putting your kids in a Bubble meant being overprotective, but nowadays it simply means being protective to any degree whatsoever. 
So, yes, by that standard, I intend by God’s grace to have my kids in the Bubble.
Sure, there are other kinds of Bubbles — bad Bubbles. 
There’s the Bubble where you don’t let your son climb a tree or run around outside because he might get a booboo. 
There’s the Bubble where you act as though a kidnapper is lurking around every corner, so you won’t even let your 13-year-old walk down the block by herself (although this may really be advised, depending on the block). 
The funny thing is that the people who would never put their child in the Bubble where he’s prevented from learning about transgenderism and masturbation at the age of 8, are often the most inclined to put him in the Bubble where he isn’t allowed to play dodge ball. 
These parents don’t care if their child’s soul is destroyed, as long as he doesn’t scrape his knee.
At any rate, whenever I am accused of keeping my kids in a Bubble, it is always because I have taken some step to preserve their innocence. 
That is the one thing we absolutely must not do, according to society. 
Let the TV and the school system decide when its time for your child to stop being a child. 
That time, by the way, is right around their second birthday and getting younger.
Well, no thanks. 
I will proudly house my children in this kind of Bubble for as long as I can. 
They may have fewer friends and a less expansive knowledge of the most popular cartoon shows and sex acts when they emerge from it, but at least they will have their souls. 
That’s a pretty good trade, as far as I’m concerned.
To see more from Matt Walsh, visit his channel on TheBlaze.
My comments: The Word of God says that it is the Parents responsibility to teach their children the Way of God. I you do not, you are condemning your child to Hell. (Deuteronomy  6:7; 11:19; Proverbs 22:6)