Heaven Is Our Destination Where We Will Be ONE With The Lord Forever

Today, we are in The Season Of The Last Generation. The Birth Pains that Christ Jesus spoke about are currently under way, including natural and unnatural disasters. They will be ever increasing. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. Social, economic and political turmoil will be ever increasing, causing people's hearts to be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life. An apostasy within the Church of God is currently under way. This will all reach a climax with Satan revealing his Antichrist and requiring that everyone worship him; That every one receive his "mark" in order to buy or sell; The new currency of the New World Order, the New Tower of Babel.

Today, it is critical that those who have a heart for God are aware of what God is doing and speaking today. God is opening up His Word like never before in preparation for The Time Of The END. I exhort you to open up your heart and your eyes to see what He is doing and your ears to hear what God is speaking at this time. My prayer is that we will be able to stand before the Son of Man at His appearing, without fault and with great joy. I encourage you to read David Wilkerson's book, America's Last Call at davidwilkersontoday.blogspot.com. Also, Google, Tommy Hicks Prophecy, 1961 for a view of the End Times.

Tom's books include: Called By Christ To Be ONE, The Time Of The END, The Season Of The Last Generation, Worship God In Spirit And In Truth, Daniel And The Time Of The END, and Overcoming The Evil One. They are available at amazon.com. They can also be read without cost by clicking on link: Toms Books.

Other publications by Tom at the same link include: You Are Unique In Christ, Demonic Activity Increasing, America: A Nation Of Cowards, LIFE: Knowing The Voice Of God, The Earth Full Of Violence: Christ's Sign, Reality: The Realm Of The Spirit, What Is Detestable To God, America At The Crossroads, Many Are Invited but Few Are Chosen, Christian Beware, The Antichrist of Scripture, The Marks Of A Christian, The Apostasy/Rebellion, Satan's Scheme, The Anointing, The Good News, The Water of LIFE, The World Against Christ, The Commands Of Christ, America's New Civil War, America Is Cursed Because Of Its Abortion Murder, America Unprotected, America's Irreconcilable Differences, Evil Begets Evil, America's War Against Christ, America Is Babylon and IN Christ: There Are No Limitations.

To receive Christ Jesus as a child by faith is the highest human achievement.

Today, the Bride Of Christ is rising up in every nation in the world! Giving Glory to Her Savior and King, Christ Jesus!
Today, the world is Raging against God, Rushing toward Oblivion! Save yourself from this Corrupt Generation!
Today, America is being ground to powder because of it's SIN against God!

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Friday, April 7, 2017


April 6, 2017
"The Last Days of Christ" is typical PBS religious trash
By Gabriel Garnica

As we approach Holy Week, I fondly remember what television used to be like during this time of year way back in ancient times, say 1968 to 1972. 
In those days, you could see "King of Kings" or "The Robe" on the ABC's 4:30 Movie in New York during Holy Week and really get into the mood of a special time for Christians. 
This memory reminds me that respect for traditional Christianity in American media still remained 45 years ago. Let us recall that "Song of Bernadette" won four Oscars in 1943 including Best Actress for Jennifer Jones and was a financial and critical success. Also, remember the era of the religious epics such as "Quo Vadis," "The Robe," "The Ten Commandments," "Ben Hur," and the aforementioned "King of Kings" in the 50s and early 60s.
Contrast the above classics with the trash that I just saw last night. 
Hoping against hope, I turned on "The Last Days of Christ" to see how the subject was dealt. Needless to say, I was disgusted by the experience. Claiming to contain the story told by "leading scholars" of history and religion, the documentary basically depicts Christ as a brave religious zealot with connections who became a political pawn between Rome and the Jews and was sacrificed to ease tensions erupting when the second most powerful Roman on earth, Lucias Aelius Sejanus, was revealed as a traitor to Tiberius and executed.

Gone is any reference to Christ's divinity, his resurrection, and the Last Supper as the first mass. 
We are told by these so-called experts that Christ entered Jerusalem six months before his death, held the Last Supper as a political strategy meeting, screamed at a disillusioned Judas as Judas left the Last Supper in disgust with Christ's failure to prove his worth, and basically prayed in the garden having no clue of his fate. 
The ultimate target, of course, are the Gospels, which are once again presented as fables with a pragmatic, biased strategy written by who knows who.
We should not be surprised that the liberal PBS is presenting this garbage right before Holy Week. 
The present times are clear evidence of liberals' two favorite hobbies, mocking conservatives and mocking Christians. 
We have also heard of these types of experts whose main objective is to discredit Christianity and The Gospels and turn Christians' most cherished beliefs into superstitious, clueless, ignorant ramblings of naïve fools. 
Didn't our friend Hillary say something similar about Christians after all?

If one looks hard enough, one can find a slew of obnoxious scholars ready, willing, and able to blaspheme everything Christians hold dear. Being presented in the media as an expert today, of course, means nothing given the reality that said media only lies when its shows are turned on.

What is most annoying, of course, is that these fools would never present similar conjectures regarding certain religious books from certain other religions, lest they need security the rest of their lives. 
Cowardice seems like such an appropriate topping to hypocrisy and bias in these programs.

"The Last Days of Christ" is yet another reminder that PBS should stick to presenting documentaries about Broadway musicals and themed music concerts and stop dabbling in Christianity.

© Gabriel Garnica