Heaven Is Our Destination Where We Will Be ONE With The Lord Forever

Today, we are in The Season Of The Last Generation. The Birth Pains that Christ Jesus spoke about are currently under way, including natural and unnatural disasters. They will be ever increasing. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. Social, economic and political turmoil will be ever increasing, causing people's hearts to be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life. An apostasy within the Church of God is currently under way. This will all reach a climax with Satan revealing his Antichrist and requiring that everyone worship him; That every one receive his "mark" in order to buy or sell; The new currency of the New World Order, the New Tower of Babel.

Today, it is critical that those who have a heart for God are aware of what God is doing and speaking today. God is opening up His Word like never before in preparation for The Time Of The END. I exhort you to open up your heart and your eyes to see what He is doing and your ears to hear what God is speaking at this time. My prayer is that we will be able to stand before the Son of Man at His appearing, without fault and with great joy. I encourage you to read David Wilkerson's book, America's Last Call at davidwilkersontoday.blogspot.com. Also, Google, Tommy Hicks Prophecy, 1961 for a view of the End Times.

Tom's books include: Called By Christ To Be ONE, The Time Of The END, The Season Of The Last Generation, Worship God In Spirit And In Truth, Daniel And The Time Of The END, and Overcoming The Evil One. They are available at amazon.com. They can also be read without cost by clicking on link: Toms Books.

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To receive Christ Jesus as a child by faith is the highest human achievement.

Today, the Bride Of Christ is rising up in every nation in the world! Giving Glory to Her Savior and King, Christ Jesus!
Today, the world is Raging against God, Rushing toward Oblivion! Save yourself from this Corrupt Generation!
Today, America is being ground to powder because of it's SIN against God!

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Thursday, March 31, 2016


March 31, 2016
Theocracy rising
By A.J. Castellitto

"Some forms of political doctrine, for instance, function religiously, reflecting the worst features of orthodoxy and authoritarianism, especially when they sacrifice individuals on the altar of Utopian promises. Purely economic and political viewpoints, whether capitalist or communist, often function as religious and ideological dogma. Although humans undoubtedly need economic and political goals, they also need creative values by which to live." – Humanist Manifesto II

Theocracy can take various forms. Religious humanism is a fairly recent and particularly subtle theocratic development that has risen under the guise of secularism and religious neutrality.
"Today man's larger understanding of the universe, his scientific achievements, and deeper appreciation of brotherhood, have created a situation which requires a new statement of the means and purposes of religion. .. a vital, fearless, and frank religion capable of furnishing adequate social goals and personal satisfactions may appear to many people as a complete break with the past. While this age does owe a vast debt to the traditional religions, it is none the less obvious that any religion that can hope to be a synthesizing and dynamic force for today must be shaped for the needs of this age." – Humanistic Manifesto I

America was never a Christian nation represented by a single religious persuasion. However, our rule of law was definitely established under the ironclad premise that we are one nation under God!
"The time has come for widespread recognition of the radical changes in religious beliefs throughout the modern world. The time is past for mere revision of traditional attitudes. Science and economic change have disrupted the old beliefs... In order that religious humanism may be better understood we... desire to make certain affirmations which we believe the facts of our contemporary life demonstrate." – Humanist Manifesto I

The great experiment has gone AWOL and is being replaced by a baseless arbitrary utopian fantasy void of reason and reality. Law without a moral foundation is like a ship without a rudder.
This nation was founded on faith and freedom. In the wisdom of a narcissistic few shall we trust? Over our dead bodies...
Tragically, it feels as if it's where we're headed. When you take away reason, design and moral absolutes, anything can be justified.
Blind revenge and contrived revolution that fails to see past the physical complexion into the heart and soul of man ultimately amounts to a fool's paradise (and a wise man's hell). At the end of the day this is where we are.

With the left leading the way, America is become a land of make believe in the making. Radical activism reigns...
"So stand the theses of religious humanism. Though we consider the religious forms and ideas of our fathers no longer adequate, the quest for the good life is still the central task for mankind. Man is at last becoming aware that he alone is responsible for the realization of the world of his dreams, that he has within himself the power for its achievement."http://americanhumanist.org/humanism/humanist_manifesto_i

Our liberty, freedom and governmental consent are the inalienable rights of every naturalized American citizen. We are not a theocracy but we were never intended to become a godless oligarchy. But this is exactly where we are headed.
"Those are not at all to be tolerated who deny the being of God. Promises, covenants, and oaths, which are the bonds of human society, can have no hold upon an atheist. The taking away of God, though but even in thought, dissolves all; besides also, those that by their atheism undermine and destroy all religion, can have no pretence of religion whereupon to challenge the privilege of a toleration. As for other practical opinions, though not absolutely free from all error, yet if they do not tend to establish domination over others, or civil impunity to the church in which they are taught, there can be no reason why they should not be tolerated." – John Locke

© A.J. Castellitto
My comments: I disagree with Mr. Castllitto, I believe that Amrica is already a Theocracy--A godless, Socialist, Secular Humanist Theocracy. I ask you, and I ask myself, what do they not control? Precious little! And they are in the Process of Exterminating All Descent! By Law!


Ted Cruz: School Choice Is Today’s ‘Civil Rights Issue’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) pushed back against accusations that he and Sen. Mike Lee (R- Utah) have pushed for homeschool to be reclassified as private school “The Glenn Beck Program” Monday evening.
“I’m not remotely pushing for homeschool to be reclassified in any way, shape or form,” the Texas lawmaker said. “I am a passionate supporter of homeschooling. In fact, many of the people who helped elect me to the Senate and who are among our most passionate supporters in the presidential race are homeschoolers.”
Cruz went on to say he is a “passionate” supporter of school choice, an issue he says he has championed for many years. Additionally, Cruz told Beck school choice has become “the civil rights issue of the 21st century.”
“I can’t wait to stand on the debate stage next to Hillary Clinton,” Cruz said. “The Democrats are essentially bought and paid for by the union bosses and the teachers unions, so they will always oppose school choice.
The Republican presidential hopeful told Beck he believes “every child in America, regardless of race or ethnicity, wealth or zip code has the right to a quality education,” and that school choice helps afford that opportunity.
Cruz claimed allowing access to school choice is about giving low-income Americans the same access to schools afforded to the rich and middle class.
“We’ve never seen a Republican presidential candidate that will go into African-American neighborhoods and Hispanic neighborhoods and say, ‘Your children deserve access to an excellent education.’”
According to Cruz, the Democratic Party has “trapped” low-income Americans in schools that are not offering them “the hope they deserve.”
My comments: Today, Public Schools are the Indoctrination Centers for the godless, Socialist, Secular Humanist, Religion. Christians who send their children to these schools are sending them to Hell. Children will become what they are Taught.




Exclusive: Erik Rush rips 'treasonous scoundrel president' over Muslim-puffing rhetoric

Perhaps it’s my twisted imagination, but I can’t help observing current geopolitical machinations and wonder what individuals from another juncture in history or even a non-earthbound civilization might conclude about our society and, more importantly, those who currently hold power and pre-eminence among us.
There are things occurring on the geopolitical scene that simply do not merit debate over what is actually transpiring, yet on a daily basis, these are being misrepresented by political leaders, media, the press and even religious leaders to such a degree that it is surreal beyond description.
One of the most noteworthy examples of this phenomenon has been our scurvy knave of a low-born, treasonous scoundrel president, Barack Hussein Obama, as he attempts to characterize Muslim populations as benign and assimilable. Specifically, I refer to Obama’s recent rhetoric in light of the massive uptick in terror attacks by Muslims over the last several years. 

He’s found it necessary to admonish Americans not to hold animosity nor suspicion toward “America’s Mooslims” as a result of their worldwide terror attacks, their ongoing invasion of Europe and the tinderbox they have made of the Middle East and parts of Africa. 

Presumably, this is toward strengthening his argument for allowing untold numbers of Muslim “refugees” into the United States.
It bordered on hysterical (as in outrageously humorous) a couple of days ago when Obama reminded us once again of the “many contributions” Muslims have made to the rich history of our country. 
I defy anybody to name one significant contribution Muslims have made to this nation – with the qualifier that it is a positive contribution.
To the east, European socialist leaders refuse to acknowledge the damage to life, limb and their economies being done by over a million invaders to their nations.
All of us together, Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Copts, Evangelical brothers and sisters – children of the same God – we want to live in peace, integrated. …”
– Pope Francis’ Easter Address, March 27
All want to live in peace, integrated? I beg to differ, since the Muslim faction included in Pope Francis’ Easter Address clearly have no desire to integrate.
I’ve always had a great respect for the Catholic Church, and I understand the reality of modern popes being political as much as spiritual leaders, but I am about a hair’s breadth away from declaring this pontiff an apostate Christian. 
In both his Christmas and Easter addresses, Pope Francis excoriated those who wish to prevent migrants from the Middle East and North Africa from entering Europe, even as they run roughshod over the nations of that continent. 
He has paid gratuitous, embarrassing deference to the world’s smirking, treacherous Muslim leaders, and although the pope has condemned the recent persecution (rape, maiming, murder, enslavement, etc.) of Christians in the Middle East by Muslims, he has spent just as much time misrepresenting Islam as benign as his contemporary political leaders have.
So is this pope stupid, naïve, or evil?
Last week, the Detroit Free Press reported that Muslim parents of elementary school students in Dearborn, Michigan, became upset after their children received flyers promoting an Easter egg hunt at a local church. While attending public elementary schools in New York during the 1960s, I cannot count the number of handouts I received for events celebrating religious holidays that my family did not celebrate. No one got intimidated, no one got offended, and no one went crying to the New York Times.
But you see, Muslims have made significant inroads into politics in Michigan, so they can afford to be uppity in that state. They’ve also become savvy to the practices employed by every other special-interest group in the American left’s big tent: Claim persecution, gain sympathy, secure genuinely unconstitutional protections under the law, and then you’re free to persecute your political opponents.
So, the poor, intimidated little Muslim parents went to the press, complaining that their childrens’ virgin eyes falling upon these horrid, blasphemous Easter flyers was somehow a form of religious persecution that naturally violates the Constitution.
Clever, aren’t they? Well, that’s how it starts. Give it a decade or two, and Muslims in America will have earned the right to Shariah courts, to rape non-Muslim women at will, to kidnap non-Muslim children for use as sex slaves and to behead American servicemen in broad daylight, just as they have in Britain, Europe and Scandinavia.
For the record: Although a link to the Detroit Free Press story now defaults to the publication’s home page for some unfathomable reason, other online news outlets did pick it up.
When those whom we have trusted with our governance and safety should now be ever more committed to the support and defense of the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and bearing true faith and allegiance to the same, it is apparently more important that they show solidarity with the miniscule number of Americans who oppose a state law blocking individuals from using public bathrooms that don’t match their biological gender, and campaign against the scourge of microaggressions.
What might those from another time in history or some exotic, off-world civilization conclude about us? 
Clearly, that we in the West are suffering from a form of mass insanity manifesting in a compulsion for societal suicide.
Why any society, in any age, or on any conceivable world, would choose such a path is, I’m afraid, a question that’s above my current pay grade.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/the-wests-compulsion-for-societal-suicide/#Ve6qzmDwUs2sOJOJ.99

My comments: YES, the Surreal is becoming Real as Satan prepares the Whole World to Receive his son, the Beast of Revelation, the Antichrist. America and the Whole World are committing SUICIDE before the Living God. 




Michael Brown urges readers to take action in support of religious freedom

The mayor of San Francisco has banned all publicly funded city employees from traveling to North Carolina.
The NFL threatened to block Atlanta, Georgia, from hosting a future Super Bowl.
The NBA is threatening to relocate next year’s All Star game from Charlotte, North Carolina, to another city.
Corporate giants like American Airlines and Hollywood giants like Disney are threatening action against Georgia and North Carolina.
It is because North Carolina has passed a bill requiring people to use the public bathroom or locker room that corresponds to their birth certificate gender and because Georgia has enacted legislation (subsequently vetoed by the governor) that would protect pastors from having to perform same-sex “marriages.”
It is time for Christians and all people of conscience to say, “Enough is enough with your bullying. We are not going to bow down to your threats. We will do what is right, regardless of cost or consequence, and in the end, we will be vindicated for taking a stand.”
As for Ed Lee, the mayor of San Francisco, he’s acting more like a dictator than a mayor. Who gave him the right to tell city-funded employees where they could travel in their own country, once known as “the land of the free”?
Unfortunately, the pattern is all too familiar.
A state like Indiana passes a Religious Freedom Restoration Act that mirrors national law, as a result of which gay bullies and their allies threaten to pull their businesses from the state – from Wal-Mart to Apple to Craig’s List to the NCAA – and within days, the governor and the legislation cave, passing a new law that makes things worse than ever. (This happened in March 2015; the Indianan legislators and governor have since pushed back to some degree.)
We cannot let this happen in our states (I have lived in North Carolina since 2003), and as believers nationwide, we must stand together and reject these pressure tactics and call them out for what they are: unethical, strong-armed bullying.
Never bow down to bullies!
Earlier this year, I helped draft an eight-page letter to the mayor and City Council of Charlotte, detailing the negative effects their new “anti-LGBT discrimination” bill could have. (Ironically, a gay man who was instrumental in helping to push this bill through was a convicted, child sex-offender who has since resigned as president of Charlotte’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce because of his past record.)
Among the negative effects of this bill outlined in my letter were:
  • The door would be opened wide to heterosexual predators who would use transgender bathroom rights to spy on girls and women (for chilling video evidence of what these heterosexual predators have done, see here).
  • The proposed changes could lead to widespread discrimination against Christians and other people of faith who, in good conscience, could not participate in same-sex “weddings” (such as photographers, bakers, florists, and others). The law would now be decidedly against them.
I also noted that, “National studies indicate that states which do not have non-discrimination laws including ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ are suffering no ill effects economically,” dispelling the myth that only “progressive” (= “pro-LGBT”) cities are prospering. The evidence is clearly against this.
This is yet another reason to stand up to the bullies: Good business practices and hard work lead to prosperity, not being politically correct. (For the truth about the North Carolina bill, which the secular media is largely failing to report, see here, and note that in North Carolina, some of the companies protesting the loudest already have policies to protect LGBT “rights,” and those policies are completely unaffected by the new law.)
In Georgia, the main focus was preserving religious freedoms, such as protecting pastors from having to perform same-sex “wedding” ceremonies. (Religious freedoms were certainly an issue in North Carolina, but the central focus here was on the bathroom bill.)
Yet as Ryan Anderson pointed out, the bill passed by the Georgia Legislature was quite narrow in its protections, contained language that could be used against people of faith and was a significantly gutted version of a far from perfect original bill.
In other words, the bill Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed Monday is quite tame, simply providing the barest of protections of our religious liberties, yet it still created an uproar of protest, as “More than 30 of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters sent a threatening letter to Gov. Nathan Deal, telling him in no uncertain terms that if he passes the religious-freedom bill the legislature handed him for consideration, they’ll never work in Georgia again.”
As I have warned for years (and repeated almost ad infinitum), the activists who came out of the closet want to put you and me in the closet, and they will not rest until that door is safely shut. It is time for us to say: That will never happen, and we will go to jail rather than compromise our convictions. Your bullying will backfire in the end.
When it comes to transgender issues, we are dealing with an unquantifiable, untestable condition that relies entirely on self-perception (and can switch by the day or the hour), as noted by Margaret A. Hagen, professor of psychological and brain sciences at Boston University. Yet the mayor of Seattle recently used an executive order to allow biological males to use women’s bathrooms.
What kind of social madness is this?
In the days to come, I plan to lay out some specific calls to action, including a strategy for Christian athletes in the NFL and NBA. But for now, it’s time for us to get on our knees before God so we can stand tall before man, resolving in our hearts that, whatever it takes (in godly, not fleshly terms), we will do what is right. (For an excellent, strategic handbook, see here.)
For the moment, I encourage you to take a moment to send a note of appreciation to Gov. Pat McCrory in North Carolina for not caving in (he will be under heavy pressure in the days ahead). Will you stop and do that right now?
Billy Graham once said, “Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”
Let courage spread from you to others – in your home, your school, your place of business, your congregation – beginning today.
We will not bow down to the bullies!
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/christians-must-unite-against-gay-bullies/#LkFCwfkAvBeBI8lr.99

My comments: The godless want to Silence Christians and God's Word. Once they have accomplished this they will seek to Eradicate them. The closer we get to the Revealing of the Antichrist [2 Thess. 2:3], the more Vehement the godless will become. Remember the Whole World bows down to this man and worships him. (Revelation 13) These godless actions are Preparing the Way for him. 


Marquette University has started the administrative process necessary to suspend and fire Professor John McAdams for his defense of marriage in a 2014 blog post



Marquette demands 'reminiscent of the Inquisition'

Marquette University, which bills itself as a Catholic institution, is moving to fire a professor who defended a student’s right to oppose same-sex marriage.

Professor John McAdams found himself under investigation by officials at the Wisconsin college in November 2014 after blogging on philosophy professor Cheryl Abbate. She allegedly said, “You don’t have a right in this class to make homophobic comments,” when a student disagreed with her.
“Abbate, of course, was just using a tactic typical among liberals now. Opinions with which they disagree are not merely wrong, and are not to be argued against on their merits, but are deemed ‘offensive’ and need to be shut up,” McAdams replied on his Marquette Warrior blog.
The university announced this week that McAdams will be suspended without pay from April 1 through the fall of 2016. He will also lose his job unless he admits “guilt” and apologizes “within the next two weeks,” Breitbart News reported Wednesday.
“After months of deliberations, the [investigating] committee issued a thorough 123-page report to my office in January regarding Professor McAdams’ actions,” Marquette President Michael Lovell wrote in a letter released March 24. “It is noteworthy to mention that the report provided a unanimous recommendation on a path forward regarding the issue under consideration.”
Concerned individuals may contact Marquette University President Michael Lovell by email or by calling (414) 288-7223.
McAdams’ shared the university’s demands in a March 26 blog post.
  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of the unanimous judgment of the peers who served on the Faculty Hearing Committee.
  • Affirmation and commitment that future actions and behavior will adhere to the standards of higher education as defined in the Marquette University Faculty Handbook, Mission Statement and Guiding Values.
  • Acknowledgement that your November 9, 2014, blog post was reckless and incompatible with the mission and values of Marquette University and you express deep regret for the harm suffered by our former graduate student and instructor, Ms. Abbate.
McAdams mocked the idea of a Catholic college punishing a professor for standing up for official teachings of the Catholic Church.
“These demands are reminiscent of the Inquisition, in which victims who ‘confessed’ they had been consorting with Satan and spreading heresy would be spared execution,” the professor said. “Is free speech a ‘guiding value’ of Marquette? Apparently not. Is protecting students who want to argue for Catholic teaching about marriage from bullying a ‘guiding value’ of Marquette? Apparently, it’s not either. The Philosophy Department treated the student with hostility when he complained. Marquette had no problem with that. Not only was Abbate not even admonished that she had erred, it was conveyed to her that she had done nothing wrong.”
McAdams, a tenured professor with over three decades of experience, told WBRC Fox 6 on Dec. 17, 2014, that he had lawyers ready for the day his job was threatened.
The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a free-speech watchdog from Philad
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/catholic-college-moves-to-fire-prof-who-defended-marriage/#p1SAXjdC5IrJRykJ.99

My comments: Appalling that this should happen in a Catholic Institution--The Great Apostasy is well under way [2 Thess. 2:3]--The War on God and His Word continues.


Blood Sacrifice To The Beast - Public Domain

April 19: Temple Of Baal In New York Is Going Up Same Day The Blood Sacrifice To The Beast Begins

I am about to share with you some absolutely astounding information.  It turns out that the exact day when reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal are going to be erected in Times Square in New York City and in Trafalgar Square in London is also the exact day when a very important occult festival related to the worship of Baal begins.  April 19th is the first day of a 13 day period of time known as “the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast” that culminates on the high occult holy day of Beltane on May 1st.  In some parts of the world, Beltane is much better known as “May Day”, and it has been described as the “Illuminati’s second most sacred holiday”.  As you will see below, we have indeed witnessed a disturbing series of “blood sacrifices” during the second half of April in recent years, and many people wonder if there is a connection.
April 19th is also known as “the Feast of Moloch”.  If you are not familiar with “Moloch” or “Molech”, it is an ancient Canaanite god that is repeatedly denounced in the Old Testament.  Child sacrifice was a key feature of the worship of Moloch, and a giant statue of this pagan deity is set up at the Bohemian Grove in northern California every year.
Is it just a coincidence that reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria are going up in New York and London on the precise day when the Feast of Moloch is celebrated and when “the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast” begins?  The organization in charge of this “cultural project” is the Institute for Digital Archaeology.  The following comes directly from their website
On April 19, 2016, in cooperation with national and international cultural heritage preservation organizations, and in conjunction with World Heritage Week 2016, the Institute for Digital Archaeology will install a monumental scale reconstruction of Palmyra’s Triumphal Arch on Trafalgar Square.  Through this project — and others like it scheduled throughout 2016 in cities both inside and outside the Middle East — the IDA seeks to provide an optimistic and constructive response to the ongoing threats to history and heritage that have captured headlines over the past year.  Our aim is to highlight the potential for the triumph of human ingenuity over violence by offering innovative, technology-driven options for the stewardship of objects and architecture from our shared past.
Are we to believe that this date was chosen at random?
Is it just some sort of weird “accident” that the date they decided on begins a 13 day period of time which is exceedingly significant for the worship of Baal?
April 19 – May 1 – Blood Sacrifice To The Beast, a most critical 13-day period. Fire sacrifice is required on April 19.
April 19 is the first day of the 13-day Satanic ritual day relating to fire – the fire god, Baal, or Molech/Nimrod (the Sun God), also known as the Roman god, Saturn (Satan/Devil). This day is a major human sacrifice day, demanding fire sacrifice with an emphasis on children. This day is one of the most important human sacrifice days, and as such, has had some very important historic events occur on this day.”
And as I mentioned above, we have indeed witnessed some very noteworthy “blood sacrifices” during the second half of the month of April over the past few decades.
The following list of events that have happened on or around April 19th comes from Vigilant Citizen
  • April 19, 1993 – Waco Massacre: An FBI assault lead to the burning down of the compound of a sect named Branch Davidians, killing 76 men, women and children.
  • April 19, 1995 –  Oklahoma City bombing – 168 people killed.
  • April 20,  1999 – Columbine High School Massacre – 13 people murdered, 21 injured.
  • April 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech Massacre – 32 killed; 17 injured.
  • April 16, 2013 – Boston Marathon Explosions – 3 killed; 107 injured.
In addition, let’s not forget that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot to death on April 19th, and the explosion and fire on the Deepwater Horizon took place on April 20th.
I also wanted to note that since 2016 is a leap year, April 20th will be the 111th day of the year, and triple numbers are considered to be “power dates” in the occult world.
This 13 day period which begins on April 19th culminates with the high occult holy day of Beltane on May 1st.  In recent years, this occult holiday has experienced a tremendous resurgence – especially in Europe.  The origin of Beltane can be traced all the way back to the worship of Baal in the ancient Middle East.  The following comes from examiner.com
Beltane (pronounced, “B’yal-t’n”) begins April 30th at sundown and lasts until sunrise on May 1st. Beltane is the opposite of Halloween on the Satanic calender as Halloween is a time of reaping, while Beltane is a time of rebirth. This holiday is a time to celebrate fertility, indulgence, the rebirth of spring, and the Sumerian God Enlil (Baal), this is where the name “Beltane” originates.
Before any real celebrating took place, wood from nine different types of trees gathered and a sacred grid was made. The grid was created by drawing a square on the ground and dividing it into eight smaller squares. Turf from the eight outer squares were dug out leaving the ninth square intact. The Beltane fire symbolized the central hearth of the community, the divine fire in the center of all things, and the spark of life within mankind.
Beltane celebrations were celebrated in the nude with orgiastic sex and without shame. Celebrants would dance around the maypole which stood as a phallic symbol. Couples would pair up, jump through the bonfire, and had sex in the woods all night, after intense feasting.
And as I discussed in my article the other day, the worship of Baal can be traced all the way back to an ancient king of Babylon that is known in Sumerian sources as Enmerkar, but that is known in the Bible as Nimrod.  He established the very first “New World Order” in the ancient world, and he fundamentally changed the course of human history.
After he passed away, this ancient king of Babylon eventually came to be worshipped as a sun god under a whole host of different names: Marduk, Osiris, Apollo etc.
Many secret societies and occult groups believe that someday this ancient deity will be “resurrected” and will once again take his place as the ruler of the world.  And many Christians scholars are entirely convinced that there is some sort of connection between the ancient figure of Nimrod and the coming Antichrist.
So is it just a coincidence that we are erecting arches for this ancient deity in New York and London on a date that is exceedingly significant for those that worship this ancient deity?
Could it be possible that there is more to these “gateways” that are being constructed than we are being told?
Could it be possible that we are laying out giant “welcome signs” for the Antichrist?
We have entered a period of time known in the Bible as “the last days”.  In fact, this is the focus of my new book.  If you think that what you have read in this article is a bit strange, well the truth is that you haven’t seen anything yet.
From this point forward, things are going to get much, much stranger.
Ultimately, the world that we live in is going to come to resemble something out of a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel.
So enjoy the remaining days of “normal life” as we have all come to know it.
Our world is rapidly changing, and those changes will soon become extremely dramatic.
My comments: We are living in the Last of the Last Day of TIME and can expect Phenomenal Supernatural Events to SEDUCE most of mankind--God's Powerful Delusion--For those who Refuse to Love the Truth. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12)